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Recent Wiki Activity. BSC15 · A FANDOM user • 1 hour ago. Promo Cards · The helper • 5 hours ago. Infinite Flame · Irazna • 8 hours ago. The NinjaHead Souldragon-Hokage · Irazna • 8 hours ago. Help us grow Battle Spirits Wiki! Get Started. Zerochan has 16 Magisa anime images, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Magisa is a character from Battle Spirits. Magisa (マギサ) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan. He traveled with them for a short time, but to Magisa's disappointment, left once his job was done. Jenna jameson fucks fan believed were prepared to win. They were stopped by Dr. When using her magic, she wears blue robes with large red buttons, and a blue witch's hat. Sex yube appeared in the battlefield with him. Magisa absorbed the power herself.

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She has long black boots, which are actually snake heads that can attack. Subscribe to this discussion. After the tournament, Mai bought Kajitsu to Magisa, believing she might know how to help. Kajitsu was able to bring Dan out of it, but he was still weakened physically. Dan was the victor, so Kazan left the village. She wears her wand like a hair accessory. She and the other core soldiers bought Kajitsu to the green world to recover. Yuuki decided to leave Kajitsu in her care. Magisa was a powerful witch who protected Otherworld, and a former card battler. One card per deck. Still, she's dedicated to saving Grand Rolo, and always willing to put herself in danger to protect the core soldiers. Not interested in marrying him, she tried to break off the arrangement, but Ganna refuesed. You may play those removed from game spell cards as if they were in your hand. Target 1 of your spirits. She wears a blue and white tank top, and blue shorts. Dan succeeded in winning, and so Magisa's deck was returned to her. X Rare Card Type:

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Sign In Don't have an account? As Dan won the battle, he received Mother Core. She hates the fact that she still remains single at her age, and seems to have a drinking problem. You can rate this Deck: Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan manga. One card per deck. She and the others traveled to Otherworld King's castle when he was away. As the new bearer of Mother Core's light, she returned everyone to their proper worlds and time, and sealed off the gate to Grand Rolo permanently. When Dan first arrived in Otherworld, Magisa was fighting Kazan and other soldiers, who were invading Zungurii 's home town. All cards - 40 Cards. After the tournament, Mai bought Kajitsu to Magisa, believing she might know how to help. During that time, they were separated from Dan. Chocha mojada wears her wand like a hair accessory. Dan sex ställen the victor, so Kazan left the village. During this turn, if the lesbian ass finger spirit has more than or equal level omegle cock shock the blocking spirit, without comparing BP, mulata nalgona the situation as if the opponent's spirit never blocked. During Each Attack Phase Lv. Remove the custom ad xxx milky rule s and the page will load as expected. Yuuki would have succeeded, if not for the fact that Kajitsu was in danger. The red Horizon Ladder was destroyed, and the captives saved, so they moved on.

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